Whoa! It's been two years!!

Bethany Lynch on August 31, 2014

I spent almost all of 3 hours last night organizing pictures back to 2012! That was just pictures I've taken with my phone. I haven't even started on pictures with my real camera. My main lense broke over a year ago so unfortunately there are not as many of those. I will do my best to keep updating albums on here and blog a few times a month.  Briefly, in the past two years, Lee started a new job after staying home with the kids for a almost 18 months. We moved a long two miles down the road to...

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Kai man!

Bethany Lynch on July 29, 2012

SO, life is full. Fuller than full. If I wished I could record half the stuff Kai said a year ago, I had no idea how much I'd wish I could record him now. He seriously cracks me up 90% of the time he's talking...and he talks non-stop. It's an uphill battle just to get him to stop talking while he eats, and he loves to eat. Not as much as Caitlin, but he's definitely the better eater...and talker. Even when he's in trouble, he cracks me up. It's so hard not to laugh when he says "No, mommy! That...

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Happy Easter...in July

Bethany Lynch on July 22, 2012 Comments (40)

Ok, so time kinda got away from me. Rather, rushing away. Kai and Caitlin are growing like craaaaazy. Parents of 5-6 year olds ask if he already started kindegarten. Caitlin is outgrowing 3T pajamas. Oh, and she and Kai have the same waist size! Crazy! Well, I had every intention of posting regularly and more often. Seriously, I did. Like, back in March...when we did Easter pictures. They were so cute. I posted a couple on facebook but was going to make a collage for gifts. Since that's probably not going to happen, I figured I might as well celebrate again in...

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Sneak Peek

Bethany Lynch on March 24, 2012

More pictures to follow but here is special peek at a recent Easter bunny session...

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Pistol Pete, I mean, Caitlin and Kai

Bethany Lynch on March 22, 2012

Wow. I'm embarrassed it's been so very long since I've posted. So very, very long. Last week was the first 7 days we have had as a family in 3 months. We have since moved to Greenville and are all here, finally. Lee is looking for a job and in his spare time is Mr. Dad. The kids are just eating him up, sometimes chewing and spitting him right back out, too!Kai is now 4 and in the 95%tile stillllll! He's actually in the 50-75%tile for a 6 year old. Oy!! The kid is tall. Crazy tall. I can hardly...

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Remember Me?

Bethany Lynch on January 18, 2012

Remember me?? I am the mother of your children, grandchildren, nephew/niece, cousin, or mischievous little friends. I have been MIA for 3+ months. Life is finally beginning to feel "normal" again. However, our new normal is me working FT while taking care of 2 kids/3 dogs Monday through Friday, and Lee taking over for much of the weekend while I sleep in :) We own/rent 3 houses...and we live in Greenville now.I think most that read this blog know that I was laid off and we had to move. I'll spare you the juicy details but suffice it to say life has...

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Does that make sense?

Bethany Lynch on November 1, 2011

Today Kai and I had a long discussion about money.  I still find it odd I had a 10 minute conversation about economics with my 3 year old but I guess I should not be too surprised since he is Lee's son.Kai wanted me to hand him the button from the radio.  I explained how I couldn't remove the button or it would break the radio.  He stated we could just buy a new button.  I started the "we can't buy a new thing every time something breaks."  I went into a diatribe about how we have to give money...

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What did you SAY?

Bethany Lynch on September 15, 2011

Wow, time has really gotten away from me this time.  I feel like I could write a whole blog post on all of the things Lee and I have been working on, but that's not what you want to know ;)  While we've been picking up new craft hobbies and training for frisbee tournaments, both kids have been growing like weeds.  Parents of kids with similar ages stop us to ask how much older they are.  Caitlin is starting to shoot up and it is just ridiculous how tall Kai is.  Seriously ridiculous.  He is wearing 5T without any slack...

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Spunk and imagination

Bethany Lynch on August 2, 2011

I sit here for awhile every month (or slightly longer) and wonder what to say or how to put everything in to words.  I keep thinking about just video taping Kai for 30 minutes so you can see the wheels, and light bulbs, and imagination, and memory, and all boy rolled in to one in his huge mind.  It's impressive.  It would probably take 5 minutes or less to watch Caitlin to see her spunk, attitude, emotion, laughter, wild hair, kissy, pistol nature.  She's crazy.  Seriously, crazy!It is often hard to put one day in words, let along a few...

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Is it really the middle of the summer??

Bethany Lynch on June 26, 2011

Wow!  Sorry I have not posted in awhile.  Life has been bit interesting.  Everything from my computer getting a virus, to our sprinkler system busting, to our grill catching fire, to starting a new business and blog.  I'll try my best to update you and each kiddo.  Pictures are also up!Kai is 3 1/2 years old and taller than a lot of 5 year olds.  He has consistently been in the 95% and stayed there for over a year and a half now.  He can reach pretty much anything and everything in the house.  His feet are like blocks and...

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Love and excitement

Bethany Lynch on May 10, 2011

I've decided that I just need to record Kai for 24 hours so you can hear everything he says.  His language and thoughts are just utterly amazing to me.  I just have no idea where he gets this stuff.  You can hardly listen to him without just bursting out laughing.  I love that kid.  He makes me excited to be a mom!  He has also become extremely cuddly and affectionate, which also makes me excited.  He will also do anything to watch Dinosaur Train or for candy.  They are great motivators (read: bribery) and grave consequences.  I seriously wish sometimes...

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Non-verbal communication

Bethany Lynch on April 21, 2011

I have a close friend whose daughter is a month younger than Caitlin and saying 50-100 words and speaking in sentences.  Whew.  I'm going to list a few of Caitlin's words but she only has a handful of words...which is still normal for her age...however, her non-verbal communication is above and beyond!!!  She can silence the entire family with a look (I am so proud of her!)  She rarely communications with words.  It is usually a grunt...or a look...or sticking her tongue out...or a priceless smile.  What truly amazes me is her comprehension.  We can pretty much give her any direction...any...

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Love and memories

Bethany Lynch on April 14, 2011

Lee has been giving me grief for not updating our blog recently.  So I type this as I am sitting here looking at an insurmountable pile of laundry.  I'm embarrassed to admit how long it has been sitting there so my time is probably much better spent writing here anyway.  Here's a quick review of the last four weeks: Developed deathly fear of thunderstorms (Kai) Learned to spit (Caitlin) Egged sister on (Kai) Developed shingles (Bethany) Had to find another nanny after 2 wonderful years Almost bought stitches in chin from falling off picnic bench (Kai) Learned to run (Caitlin) Outgrew pair of shoes...

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Pictures are more than 1000 words

Bethany Lynch on March 19, 2011

I wish I could have captured our whole afternoon with a camera.  Not a video camera.  Video is great for capturing moments and events but you miss some of the looks that can be frozen with a camera.  Cameras capture things mesmerized in time.  We took some neat photos this afternoon, but there were so many other things I wish I could have captured...Caitlin eating an apple for the first time, Caitlin's face as Kai was spraying her deciding whether to laugh or cry, my face as Kai soaked me by surprise as I was bending over pulling weeds, Lee's...

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The Zoo

Bethany Lynch on March 3, 2011

Kai and I had a special date to the zoo today.  I had already decided that's where I wanted to take him but I asked him if he could go anywhere to play where would it be.  He said "Can-Can-Canera!" (Panera)  I said, well what about after Panera. "Welcome to Moes!!"  I asked him after we ate where he would want to go.  I finally said, what about the park, Monkey Joes (indoor bouncing slides), the zoo..."The ZOOOOOOOO!"  So it was official. We had a blast!  I think I did pretty good narrowing it down to 69 pictures after I...

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Caitlin understands...

Bethany Lynch on February 27, 2011

This list of things that Caitlin understands is longer than what she can say, which is fine for this age.  However, sometimes her understanding is marked by direct disobedience! Come here Stop Hi Bye Switch hands Don't put that in your mouth Take that out of your mouth Time to eat Put it down Do not throw food on the floor Put it in your mouth Don't bite Kiss goodbye Pick the toys up Pick the toys up or go to time out Last chance

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Caitlin says

Bethany Lynch on February 26, 2011

Usually when Caitlin talks it is a stream of gibberish...very purposefuly, pointed, passionate gibberish, but there are quite a few words that we routinely understand (or pretend to)... GO! Echo (from Cat in the Hat and Kai running outside shouting "Echo!  Echo!  Echo Location!!" Sev (our dog Seven, and every dog for that matter) I sceeee (I see you) DaDa Sit Edited to add: Pray Roarrrr Who-whooo Hi/Hey Sign language: More All done Yes

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Bethany Lynch on February 25, 2011

Time has gotten away from me once again.  Sometimes these kids give me so much to write about that it is impossible to even know where to start.  About 90% of the things that come out of Kai's mouth crack me up.  Other times we just stay so busy that I literally drop the second the kids are in bed.  I still work full-time, and the past month feels like one of the craziest seasons of my life.  Work has just been screaming busy, and I am still trying to keep up with my other blog.  I am still trying...

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Girls whine

Bethany Lynch on February 8, 2011

 Kai was invited to his first birthday party from a friend at school.  It was at Build A Bear.  Kai really had no idea what was going on or what it entailed.  We were trying to describe it for him at supper the night before and get him excited.  "You know, Janie, from school??  You like Janie, right?  She's your friend." "Yeah, but she whines at me." "Whines??  You mean 'winks' at you?" "No.  Whines at me.  She cries!" "Oh.  Well, sometimes girls do that, buddy." "Yeah, but she cries A LOT!!  A lot she whines."

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Hi, God

Bethany Lynch on January 21, 2011

Wow.  I feel like I can't even begin to catch you up on life in the last month.  I've tried to stay semi-updated on photos, but even though photos are worth 1000 words, I wish I could tell you what was going on in each photo.  There are so many expressions that I tried to capture, events, stories.  Life was so full.  There were many memories made that I will never forget.  Let me try to give somewhat of an update... Kai is every bit a 3 year old.  He has become so very wise in his own eyes, but...

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Back up and running

Bethany Lynch on December 16, 2010

Sorry for the website being down.  It was my fault.  I had to renew the domain name and had a little trouble.  Lee and Kai just left for a 4 day camping trip.  Lee said he felt like he had enough stuff to last for a month.  Cailtin and I are looking forward to some girl time (shopping)!!  I am sure we'll all have some great stories to tell!

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Santa 0 kids 2

Bethany Lynch on December 12, 2010

Kai came home Friday from Mothers Morning Out saying he did NOT want Santa to come.  He was adamant.  He didn't want presents from Santa either.  Finally, he admitted Santa was too scary.  It turns out they had a visit from Santa at school.  All weekend he talked about Santa.  He decided that Santa could come, but he didn't want to say "Nank You."  He wanted Daddy to say it for him.  I told him Santa wouldn't bring him nice presents if he didn't say thank you.  The kid called my bluff and said, "Well, then you and Daddy can...

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Picture Perfect

Bethany Lynch on November 28, 2010


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I did it (picture added)

Bethany Lynch on November 27, 2010

I did it...I finally did it.  I raided Kai's closet and got his old fleece pajamas out for Caitlin.  I made it almost 13 months!  I have refused to put her in any truck or dinosaur pajamas.  I have this horrible fear that she would (will) look through photo albums and say "MOM!  What do you dress me in!!!"  I don't put her in princess tutu pajamas but usually they are at least they are either girly or gender neutral.  Not tonight.  She is in green and blue dinosaur pajamas.  Not bad, but I pulled out the rest of his...

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Caitlin's world

Bethany Lynch on November 14, 2010

Caitlin is officially a toddler.  Yikes!  She is growing each day.  She is starting to cruise but still thinks dropping down and crawling is easier than taking steps.  At least she is officially crawling, not the army crawl and slide.  Her pediatrician was thrilled with her at her 12 month visit.  He was having a hard time examining her because she was showing off more than he expected.  She pretty much showed him that she was meeting her milestones in more...she even clapped when he entered the room.  She is also starting to learn sign language.  She knows "more" and...

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Thank you God for my shoes!

Bethany Lynch on November 13, 2010

Kai has become the master of stall tactics.  Particularly for bedtime.  He always has one last request.  Recently he has even started crying that he is hurt.  I have no idea where he gets that from!!  His newest thing is that he has started taking a long time to think hard about what he wants to pray about.  Lee keeps prompting him, "Kai, do you want to pray for mommy??"  Kai says "Ummmmmm...No. I want to pray for my Lincoln Logs."  That was last night.  Tonight he looked around the room about 5 times before deciding we needed to pray...

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I'm Halloween for Tigger

Bethany Lynch on October 31, 2010

Just got back from Trick or Treating and put two tired kids in bed.  Kai was so tired he even forgot to beg to open candy tonight.  Caitlin was still in her costume and sucking her thumb, which isn't too surprising.  She'll probably be 22 before she stops sucking her thumb.  Kai, too, for that matter.  You wouldn'tthink a 0.8 mile neighborhood is so long until you've lugged a 2 year old, an 11 month old, a double stroller, and a big hiking backpack (Lee was a lumberjack in flip flops and frisbee shorts).  Both kids had a great time. ...

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I can...

Bethany Lynch on October 21, 2010

I've written about what both kids are capable of, but on my birthday I thought I would reflect on all that I can accomplish.  I can... ...actually take care of 2 kids.  I remember being almost paralized with fear the first night I had both kids by myself.  Now I can't imagine my life without either of them, and I don't blink at eye at getting them both fed and in bed all by myself.  Yes, I still give Lee a hard time about leaving us to go play frisbee. ...pack such healthy lunches for Kai's Mother's Morning Out program...

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Bethany Lynch on October 10, 2010

This weekend was...normal.  Thank goodness!!  We were safe, healthy, and happy.  With so much going on in the world, I am grateful to say we didn't do much.  No crazy stories.  No whirlwind trips.  No exciting accomplishments.  We are so blessed. This weekend gave me time to reflect on how much we have.  We had two healthy pregnancies.  Two safe deliveries.  Two beautiful, healthy babies.  Two healthy infants.  One healthy, active toddler.  Two kids with different personalities.  Two kids that can make us laugh at the best times (During the prayer today at church, Kai said, "Daddy...I burped.  Daddy, I...

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Artistic spirit

Bethany Lynch on October 8, 2010

As most of you know, we have started to cloth diaper both children.  We haven't bought disposable diapers in over 6 months.  I absolutely love the modern day cloth diaper, and I wish I had known about it sooner.  The only hitches we've had are finding a cloth trainer that works overnight for Kai, and finding a good wash routine.  My very favorite brand is called Bum Genius.  They just released their first "artist" series (yes, a lot of people put effort into the design and appearance of diapers...and not just cloth diapers).  Bum Genius asked a great question on...

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We went to the zoo!

Bethany Lynch on October 4, 2010

Literally, not just figuratively (as on a nightly basis).  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.  Sorry for the picture bomb but between two animal lovers I didn't stand a chance.  We went back to see at least 3 more things on our way out "just one more time."  Kai went down for a nap 1.5 hours late, which is unheard of in Bethany land ;)  We had a picture perfect day!

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My Kai and Caitlin

Bethany Lynch on October 1, 2010

   Kai is back to his very active self.  For almost 2 months he had signs of lethargy, decreased appetite, and several viruses.  He would drag his blanket around, begging to go back to bed.  Almost overnight, he snapped out of it and started literally bouncing out of bed again.  That kid can go from 0-102 in 3.27 seconds.  That's my boy!!!  I'm glad he's feeling better, but boy, is it exhausting!!  We never did find anything wrong.  Growth spurt??? Caitlin is still army crawling but she is starting to cruise.  She stood holding on to the couch for almost...

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Life with kids...

Bethany Lynch on September 25, 2010

Frog potty in my family room... Golf ball in my flower pot... My bathtub invaded by rubber duckies... F-35 on my dining room table...

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There's a bear!

Bethany Lynch on September 21, 2010

 One afternoon Kai came running out of his room into the kitchen.  "Mom!!  There's something in my room!!  There's a BEAR in my room!"  He started shaking and nearly burst into tears, asking to be picked up.  We went to check it out, and I showed him there was no bear.  He seemed satisfied, but he started to get upset again when he overheard me telling Lee.  His imagination is amazing!!  The next several days he kept asking if there was a bear in his room.  A gorilla??  A lion??  He started going through a list of animals.  One day...

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Caitlin can...

Bethany Lynch on September 14, 2010

...make almost anyone smile with her belly laugh. ...make everyone's head in the restaurant turn when she fusses. ...get anything in her mouth. ...finally pull up. ....roll, scoot, and army crawl anywhere in 3 sec flat. ...get to the dog bowl and tip it over in 0.3 sec. flat. ...feed herself. ...melt my heart when she wakes up laughing. ...melt her Daddy's heart when she smiles at him while they dance. ...melt Kai's heart when she cackles as he kisses her. ...be a drama queen. ...jump up and down more times than an army recruit. ...laugh so hard she gets...

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Kai can...

Bethany Lynch on September 4, 2010

 ...melt your heart in seconds when he says "You're my best friend in the world." ...reach 2/3rds up the refrigerator ...make a room look like a bomb went off in about 30 sec ...lay in his crib all morning if it gets him out of going to the potty ...come up with every request for everything in the world if it gets him out of going to the potty ...reach every light switch in the house. ...do summersaults ...act quick as lightening if Caitlin is going for a toy of his ...make Caitlin laugh and cackle like no other ...snuggle...

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Ha ha ha

Bethany Lynch on September 1, 2010

I love these days.  Some days almost every other sentence out of Kai's mouth is HILARIOUS.  Sometimes we sit there at bedtime in stithes.  He is so funny that I can hardly convey what he says.  Then out of nowhere he says, "Mommy, I need to give you a hug!!"  Then in the next breath he bursts out laughing "Ha ha ha!"  Who knows what makes him laugh or what tickles him, but I love that sweet sound. 

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Bethany Lynch on August 29, 2010

You know those weekends?  Those weekends where you need a weekend to recover from the weekend?  Whew!  We had loads of fun but it was exhausting.  Lee had a frisbee tournament (fizbee tornamint) both days.  We got out there both days for a little bit to watch "Daddy run."  Thank goodness it wasn't 90 degrees like it has been.  It was plenty hot but it was nice enough to crawl around in the grass (Caitlin, not me) and watch from the sidelines.  Mommy and Daddy even got to go out on a date (with the team) Saturday night.  The best...

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I heart...

Bethany Lynch on August 28, 2010

I love that Kai asked for fruit over french fries at "ShakeALeg" (ChikFilA) I love long naps (for me and the kids) I love that Kai gets some of his words confused, like exersaucer.  "Mom, is baby in the 'BBQsaucer'?"  A few minutes later "Is baby still in the 'applesaucer'?" I love that little boys can go to the potty on the side of the road. I love that Lee can always make Caitlin laugh by dancing with her. I love that my kids are so stinkin' healthy. I love when Kai says he needs a hug, pats my back,...

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Weekend whirlwind

Bethany Lynch on August 24, 2010

Last weekend we headed to North Carolina to spend the weeknd with family.  What should have been a 3 hour ride turned into almost a 4 hour ride (Lee said we were 3 min short).  I never thought a 2 year old could say "I have to go pottttyyyy.  I have to go NOW!' so many times.  As soon as he'd go, he'd say it before he was even buckled back in.  We got there over 1.5 hours past their bedtime, and I was pretty proud of myself for not spazzing out too much.  Both kids went to sleep in the...

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Bethany Lynch on August 15, 2010

I don't write much about parenting philosophies because they are a lot of ways to get to the same goal, and there's already too much controversy around those methods and goals.  Kids respond differently to different methods.  However, I really have to commend a particular book that has really complimented our existing desires.  I think we already had a good idea how we wanted to parent and where we wanted to end up, but the Babywise series totally inspired and complimented our ideas.  It was recommended to us by my sister-in-law and my step-sister.  Lee and I can be very...

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Life in the fast lane

Bethany Lynch on August 13, 2010

 I wish I could provide a live stream to Kai's daily commentary.  There are so many times that Lee and I are in stitches at dinner.  Some we post on facebook, some are probably never to be told!  Like finding Kai licking his hand after sticking it in a beer pitcher, or Lee and Kai looking at pictures of the Bucaneer's cheerleaders and Kai asking if that's our neighbor.  Some things never change, like Kai and Caitlin's odd love for each other.  Those two are crazy about each other, except for when Kai is biting her.  Usually those two just light up and cackle when...

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Fire, fire!!

Bethany Lynch on July 28, 2010

 Today I had a very special opportunity to take Kai to the fire department!!  He had soooo much fun.  He got a tour of the fire station, he got to hear the alarm on the oxygen tank, he got to watch a fireman get all of his gear on, he saw a fireman slide down the firepole, he got to spray the water hose, and he got to sit in the fire engine!!  He wasn't very keen on the fireman with his full gear and mask on, but he had a lot fun spraying cones down with the water hose. ...

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Percy the Train and Sticky Tape

Bethany Lynch on July 17, 2010

 Last Sunday, Kai went up for the children's sermon, and before the pastor could ask who wanted to take the show and tell box home, Kai had already taken off down the aisle with it.  All week he's been looking forward to taking it back to show Mr. Randy!  He didn't necessarily understand what it was for but he knew it was special. The idea is to put something significant in it, and the pastor "tries" to work it into a children's lesson.  It can be quite amusing!  Well, currently, one of Kai's most prized possessions is his motorized Percy...

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"Don't make me call your dad"

Bethany Lynch on July 14, 2010

I conned Lee into taking me on a date while a friend babysat.  She and I have very similar ideas on parenting, and she's no pushover with her kids.  I figured her hardest challenge would be listening to Caitlin cry.  For some reason, Caitlin is very particular about who puts her to sleep, and as we're learning, she only does well when another girl puts her down.  Well, Caitlin only cried for 2 minutes, which is considered a success.  Kai, on the other hand, lived up to every bit of his potential to manipulate and fight as much as a...

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Bethany Lynch on July 12, 2010

Tonight at dinner time we witnessed firsthand the amazing powers of reverse psychology.  It was beautiful.  It all started when Kai started playing around at supper.  We were almost done but he kept getting out of his seat.  He even pleaded that he HAD to go potty.  Of course he didn't.  Lee told him he needed to climb back in his chair and finish his corn.  I decided to to see if I could snare him... "Kai, you need to finish your corn." "NO!  I want to play." "Kai, take one more bite of corn." "NOOooo!" "Kai, is that mommy's...

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Happy July 4th!

Bethany Lynch on July 4, 2010

I hope that you and your family has had a wonderful July 4th!  Thank you to any of you or anyone you know that is serving in the Armed Forces.  It brings tears to my eyes to think of the service and sacrifice that they and their families make on a daily basis.  A good friend of mine was watching the news and saw an explosion in the same town overseas as her husband was stationed.  It was hours if not a day before she knew her husband was safe.  I cannot imagine living like that.  I get ancy if I...

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Catching up...

Bethany Lynch on June 19, 2010

 Lee reminded me that I've been busy keeping other things up to date that I've one of the most important things...this blog!!  I've been so busy trying to get a small side business started, writing posts for my organic blog, and oh yeah, taking care of a 2.5 year old and 7 month old.  I tell you more about my new hobby soon, and I'll make sure I write here as much or more than on my other blog ;) Well, I don't think there's enough time in a month to keep you updated on Kai.  He is all over the...

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Bethany Lynch on May 31, 2010

*Disclosure** Full Out Bribery Alert** So potty training is taking more stamina than previously required.  We have good days, ok days, and really bad days.  Don't worry I won't go into all the gory details but it's been very 2 steps forward, 5 steps back.  I didn't realize how quickly and fully my life would be consumed by constant potty talk and trips.  It's honestly part of every waking hour of his day.  Since we have not had great success I've decided to move on to full out bribery.  We have a cup with cotton balls.  When the cup is...

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Organic babysteps

Bethany Lynch on May 21, 2010

This past year I have decided to make as many steps towards organic living as possible.  It really started after reading two books by Jordan Rubin, Makers Diet and Great Physician Rx, and the Nourishing Traditions cookbook.  I really thought we ate fairly well and lived very healthy.  I'm learning that there are soooo many more changes we could make.  However, it's not prudent nor feasible for us to make all of these changes at once.  I've decided to start another blog about some of these changes and the reasons behind them.  If you have a chance, check out Organic Babysteps.

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A Normal Wednesday

Bethany Lynch on May 20, 2010

 Two weeks ago (on Wednesday) Kai had his stitches.  Last week (on Wednesday) Caitlin had her first ear infection.  Thank goodness this Wednesday was life as usual in the fast lane.  A few notable things did happen...first Kai gave us his interpretation of Col 3:20  "Children, obey your parents in everything for this pleases the Lord."  When Kai was asked if he gave his parents lots of grief, he replied, "Yes!  For this pleases the Lord!!"  Grrrr.  I'm sure that made God laugh. Kai and Lee also went on a special trip to the zoo.  Kai has not stopped talking...

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1st Stitches

Bethany Lynch on May 17, 2010

Duhn-duhn-duhnnnnn!  Kai got his first stitches.  Lee keeps reminding me that we are lucky to have made it this long with Kai and with a Lynch boy in general.  So, Kai had a "Thomas Choo-Choo" bridge in his mouth and fell.  It cut his tongue open.  Lee went home to check on him and thought it looked funny so off to the ER they went.  You would think Kai was a kid in the candy store at first.  As soon as the resident got a good look, though, she agreed it needed stitches.  Because it was on his tongue, that meant an...

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Who's bigger?

Bethany Lynch on May 6, 2010

 It's so hard not to compare children, isn't it??  I just got done updating Caitlin's growth chart on here.  She is in the 75th percentile for weight and head circumference and the 90TH PERCENTILE for length.  Whoa!  I tried to compare her measurements to Kai's but it's hard because they were a month off on their wellness visits.  I know it's easy to forget what really happened, but we keep looking at each other and shaking our heads "There's no way Kai was this, uh, hmmm, BIG when he was this age."  Now he was definitely as long, but Caitlin...

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Pickles and waffles

Bethany Lynch on May 1, 2010

Today was one of those days, those very, very full days!  We went to the strawberry farm and picked a couple of gallons of strawberries.   We're also thick in the midst of potty training (Kai) and experienced the fun of having to have a potty constantly available.  Good times.  Kai also got ahold of the camera, which is usually a big no in our house.  It ended up being the perfect entertainment and Lee and I were never so glad to have something keep him semi-occupied.  I'm sure I'll probably delete most of the pictures he took, but it's pretty...

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Bid boy underwear

Bethany Lynch on April 27, 2010

I don't even know where to begin or how to describe a typical day in our house.  They are all soooo...busy.  Whether it's trying to figure out the 58th different way Caitlin wants to be held or the 67th trip to the potty with Kai...it's just busy.  We're loving it, but we sleep pretty hard at night.  Or at least we're ready to sleep extremely hard. Caitlin is doing very well.  She is a very "endowed" baby.  I love it!  Kai was very, very skinny.  Always was, always has been, always will be.  It's a constant challenge to find pants that fit his waist...

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Bethany Lynch on April 13, 2010

New pictures are up!  The most important thing, right?  These will get you through Easter and the trip to hang out with family in Macon.  You wouldn't know it from some of the pictures because Kai took them!  I threw them in for a laugh because a few of them are pretty random and funny.  Here's two funny stories to hold you over: Funniness #1:  Lee gets a phone call for "Caitlin's parents."  He says that there is no one here by that name.  They ask again for the parents of Caitlin.  Again he tells them they have the wrong...

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Easter blessings

Bethany Lynch on April 3, 2010

Happy Easter!!  We have had a full weekend, and it's not even Easter.  We are very excited about worshiping the Risen Lord tomorrow and we've been praying with Kai about the anticipation of Easter.  I'm pretty sure he's more excited about the Easter basket that he doesn't know that he is getting.  However, he has been saying his version of Colossians 3:20 recently "Childrin, obay yoor parents for dis peeeezes da Lord!!" He went to an Easter egg hunt today and had a blast looking for eggs.  He's at such a perfect age.  Let's must say both kids slept HARD...

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Alligators, turtles, and dolphins, oh my!

Bethany Lynch on March 27, 2010

I have to admit, this would have been a nice couple of weeks to be on twitter.  Lee finally convinced me to be on facebook, and I love updating my status with funny things that Kai says and does.  This past week there were so many one-liners that I think twitter would have been fun!    Caitlin has now started baby food!  This is now the 2nd child that only eats for Lee, even if I try to the same goofy tricks.  She opens her mouth right up and even swallows for Lee.  She spits it right back out at...

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Sleep and refrigerators

Bethany Lynch on March 4, 2010

There's nothing extremely monumental about the past couple of weeks...EXCEPT Caitlin SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!  The past few nights have been amazing.  You might ask why I even write about it or make such a big deal, but it's hard to believe we went through 4 months of straight sleep deprivation, not counting the last very uncomfortable trimester.  I don't think someone could pay me enough to willingly wake up 2-3 times most nights at random times when you're sleeping the hardest.  I'm still afraid to jinx myself, because 4 months is a big developmental month (ie, anything is fair...

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Email updates

Bethany Lynch on February 26, 2010

If anyone has any interest, I now have it set up where I can send out an email whenever I add pictures or a blog.  If you want to be on the list, just sign the guestbook with a message to let me know.  

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The Maker's Diet

Bethany Lynch on February 26, 2010

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Week in Pictures

Bethany Lynch on February 10, 2010

Some of these pictures say more than I EVER can... 1st night in big boy bed...10 pm Kai's morning breakfast ritual with Albert....7:30 am Found sleeping in his room mid-morning...9 am Found standing in the kitchen sink...11 am Got ahold of the camera...11:30 am Making art...priceless!!

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Our family

Bethany Lynch on January 29, 2010

Take a look at our new, awesome family pictures!!  We had our favorite photographer, Sara Niebling, come and take pictures last weekend.  Well, she actually offered, and we obliged.  For a favor, they turned out to be some of the best pictures yet.  Last time she came it was freezing winter outside and there was only so much we could do inside.  This time she told us just to be like a family...continue going on with our afternoon.  Granted, we're the type that will sit and watch and observe for hours so it did require a little prodding at times. ...

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Girls gab

Bethany Lynch on January 23, 2010

So I know there are a million pictures of Caitlin laying on a blue blanket when she was 10 weeks old, but there are so many different expressions (even after the deletions!).  I just couldn't bring myself to delete them.  They all capture a different glimpse of her personality.  She can be quite a ham!  It's not that she isn't a cuddly baby, because she is pretty content (except 2 am, 3:30 am, and 4 am.)  However, she is usually at her happiest when she is laying on her changing table or on the couch where she can kick and...

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Birthdays and growth spurts

Bethany Lynch on January 6, 2010

Well, let's just say Kai's world was rocked by several Christmases and birthday parties.  He probably had the best week of his life between all the presents and having Daddy home for over a week!  He was totally into opening everything and hardly had time to stop and play with anything before unwrapping something else only to go back and play with the first before partially unwrapping the next thing.  It was great.  It's been really fun to watch him play more thoroughly with each toy.  I enjoyed watching everyone's reactions as they anxiously watched to see how long he would...

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Christmas 2009!

Bethany Lynch on December 29, 2009

Ok, I know it's been way too long since I've posted pictures or updates.  Life has not passed us by!!  Kai has learned the art of undressing himself in his crib down to his birthday suit, potty training is back in session (most days), Caitlin slept amazing over Christmas but is now going through a viscious 2 hour feeding frenzy/growth spurt, Kai is turning 2!!!! tomorrow, Lee is addicted to the Wii Fit Plus edition (he's already set so many unbreakable records that I really have to psych myself up to even try ;), Kai's world was rocked by hours...

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Bethany Lynch on December 10, 2009

Sorry, no new pictures or crazy stories.  Life this week has been all about teaching Caitlin to nap and keep Kai busy!  He is such a boy now, and needs to burn lots of energy.  He is learning by leaps and bounds and challenges us daily.   He still loves his little sister dearly.  He's only gotten teary once or twice when she cried and he was either tired or thought he was in trouble.  He loves greeting her with kisses and "trying" to hug her head.  We still have to watch him like a hawk to make sure he's not...

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Update #3/4

Bethany Lynch on December 4, 2009

Well, I can say it has been an unveventful and a very eventful past couple of weeks.  Uneventful in the sense that we have a newborn and all that comes with it...the normal feedings around the clock, fussiness, busy days.  Eventful in the sense that we have a newborn!!  The normal feedings around the clock and fussiness have quickly escalated to bouts of crying and colic.  Thankfully our pediatrician was able to see us today and agrees that it's probably more than fussiness, most likely reflux.  Hence, our busy days.  Some days I get to sleep in (THANK YOU, LEE!),...

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Update #2

Bethany Lynch on November 21, 2009

I'll try to get some new pictures up tomorrow.  The memory card reader is in the bedroom, where Caitlin is asleep, and there's no way I'm going in there yet!!  She is amazing.  I've been so worried that all she does is sleep/eat (yes, I do know that she is a newborn).  I hate nursing her to sleep, though, but that is our life right now.  She has a much harder time self-soothing that Kai did (or at least I blocked it out of memory).  The other bane of my existence is that she only sleeps during the day, on...

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Bethany Lynch on November 13, 2009

 How do I describe life in the Lynch household? Caitlin only sleeping well if she's on our down comforter? Kai dipping things in the dog bowl and licking them? Caitlin only settling down in the evenings for Daddy (WHY do I try???)? Kai eating his 1st lollipop (no, he's not deprived) and asking for "more's"? Caitlin gaining twice as much weight as normal despite continuing jaundice? Kai trying to bite Caitlin's pacifier off when I told him he couldn't put it back in her mouth? Caitlin either sleeping all day and waking up every few hours at night or screaming...

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Caitlin's story

Bethany Lynch on November 7, 2009

Life is good!  Here are a few details from our past week... Monday, November 2nd, 20095 am  Arrive at hospital for induction so my OB could attend Caitlin's delivery6 am--Pitocin started, 3 cm11 am--OB broke amniotic sac, still only 3 cm but progressing12 pm--SO much pain that I was climbing the ceiling.  I didn't want to get an epidural because I hadn't progressed very much and was so afraid of slowing things down further.  The RN finally convinced me to go ahead since I was having almost constant contractions.12:30 pm--Epidural!  I was blissful and HAPPY!  It was amazing except that I went completely...

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Caitlin Lexi Lynch

Bethany Lynch on November 3, 2009

Caitlin is here!  She was born November 2nd at 2:17 pm, 7 lbs 15 oz, 19 inches.  Everyone is doing well!!  More details soon.  Love, Lee, Bethany, Kai, and Caitlin

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Official countdown

Bethany Lynch on October 31, 2009

We found out late Friday that I will be induced early (frighteningly, insanely, middle of the night early) Monday morning.  I do have my doubts that she will wait until then, but right now my biggest concern is Kai not waking up at 5:30 am because of daylight savings!!  We still have our priorities (sleeping in is my first, then making it through a very, very last minute baby shower...and Lee...well, playing frisbee tomorrow afternoon, of course).  There is definitely something bizarre that brings on labor once an induction has been schedule.  It happened with Kai (hours away from the...

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Bethany Lynch on October 26, 2009

Well, even though I prefer temper tantrums to sleep-deprivation, middle-of-the-night feedings anyday, the terrible twos rattle even the most determined of parents.  A few nights ago, Kai decided to test our nerves of steel.  It was time for supper and he was told to go pick up his blocks before supper.  He had two sets out...a set of plastic mega blocks and his wooden letter/number blocks with animal pictures on one side.  After about 15-20 minutes of time out and multiple other strategies (to find one during which Kai didn't laugh at us), he finally picked up his first block...

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What did he say??

Bethany Lynch on October 20, 2009

 I love the way that toddlers learn to pronounce words, make up words, and change the pronunciations of their words as they grow.  I think Kai has said "blue" about 5 different ways.  Most words we understand fairly clearly, but every now and then he changes or just makes up a new word.  Other times he gets so excited he just start speaking in Chinese or something.  The problem is that some of his words sound, well...bad.  The bigger problem is that we never realized just how many words sound "bad."  My favorite story is of a friend's child who...

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Big mamma

Bethany Lynch on October 12, 2009

Ok, I think this if the funniest thing that has happened while I was ever pregnant (either time) and possibly the biggest fool I made of myself when pregnant.  I was sitting in the cafeteria, thankfully by myself, when I heard someone talking behind me.  I thought I recognized the voice...so when she said "Hey, Big Mamma!"...what did I do but turn around and wave!!!  That's when I realized she wasn't talking to me and I didn't know her!  She was talking to the older lady sitting at the table in front of me.  I quickly turned around, acting as...

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Bethany Lynch on October 10, 2009

I've decided that keeping up with Kai's word list is an impossible, mute point right now.  I would've loved to update it every month to keep track of his new words, but we're at the point now that at least once a week Lee or I tell the other person a new word that Kai has learned that the other person has not heard yet.  "What?  He knows that word??"  Instead, I've decided just to post some "kidisms" that Kai says and does.  There aren't a lot because he doesn't use many phrase...and some are probably things we'll save for...

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Week in Review

Bethany Lynch on October 3, 2009

Lee:  cleaned mold out of rental house and removed water damaged baseboards that were just done last month Bethany:  stung on face by yellow jacket on way to rental house, officially 1 month until due date (technically tomorrow, but rounding up) Kai:  first of many 15 minute temper tantrums, first trip to Athens animal park and has not stopped talking about turtles since, first trip to $2 movies (will be a long time for 2nd trip)

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Pregnancy update

Bethany Lynch on September 24, 2009

I realized I hadn't written much about this pregnancy, but it hasn't been for lack of knowledge about her or her personality.  This pregnancy has been different in many ways...mostly not being about to put my feet up as soon as I get home or rest all weekend.  Oddly enough, I get a lot of energy from being around Kai (ok, not a LOT and definitely not evident by sleeping in instead of getting up when Lee and Kai get up on the weekends).  When I was pregnant with Kai, there was NO way I could have played chase at...

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Little trooper

Bethany Lynch on September 22, 2009

Well, Kai has had his first bout of strep throat...and he's not even 2!  I'm guessing he's going to be like his daddy and be one of those kids that gets it every week or so.  I didn't even know what to look for in a toddler that can't say, "My throat hurts."  It all started about 2 weeks ago (not the strep throat but the "confusion").  Kai has always been a good sleeper, not without a lot of work, but he LOVES his crib and loves going down for naps and bedtime.  A couple of months ago, it started taking him about 15-30...

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Pregnancy comments

Bethany Lynch on September 16, 2009

Ok, I just couldn't keep my mouth shut any longer.  Lee's probably very tired (or still laughing under his breath) from all of my venting about the comments people make.  I thought maybe people just forgot what someone looks like in their last trimester (some of the comments started way before then), but half the comments come from women...several of whom have had children recently or had multiple pregnancies of their own.  Most of the time I laugh, but I have to admit several times I've just kept on walking (as fast as I can without inducing too much of...

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High-five, Elmo!!

Bethany Lynch on September 15, 2009

Our local toy store had a grand re-opening in their new location so we decided to subject ourselves to the craziness and take a 20-month old tasmanian devil to the festivities.  I think Kai was just blown away.  He really didn't know what to make out of a place with floor to ceiling toys.  He had a total blast at the train table and sharing trains with another little boy.  However, the life-size Elmo took the cake.  Kai tried to follow him back into the employee entrance at one point.  He kept trying to sneak up behind Elmo to tag...

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Doing Everything Right

Bethany Lynch on September 14, 2009

Just had to brag on our little man.  He gave everyone at church the impression that we are actually making an impact and raising him the "right" way!!  He narrowly made it to the point in the service for the children's sermon.  Usually he's bought himself a ticket to the nursery much earlier in the service from wiggling and/or fussing and/or distracting us every 5 seconds AND sometimes goes to the nursery even before church depending how long we've had to chase him around before church.  This Sunday he did fairly well and Lee promised to take him up to the...

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Bethany Lynch on September 10, 2009

So we're working on our colors.  Kai's very most favorite color is "bluuuuuuu."  He loves to exagerate it.  Somedays, everything is "ballooo-lu-lu."  Other days we work in "awrange, yellooooooh, purPULL" and "galuuue" (green).  We've also started a sticker chart for doing things right away when we ask.  Let's just say that there are more blue stars picked out than any other color.  Some days he is just too cute.  Other days, he lives dangerously.  Some days there's just nothing more lovely than to hear Lee say, "Kai, your MOTHER TOLD YOU to do that.  Do it NOW."  Kai usually laughs...

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Life in the Lynch house

Bethany Lynch on August 31, 2009

I know it's been a month since a post, and much longer since pictures and further updates.  Let me assure you that life certainly has not stopped for lack of posting!!  Kai runs full force every day and amazes moms of 3 busy kids.  His vocabulary is out of the world, not only in terms of how many words he knows but in his own Chinese language as we call it.  I wish I could even do it justice to try to summarize the past few weeks let alone past few days.  He's gone through days where he is willing...

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New words and moves

Bethany Lynch on July 30, 2009

Kai doesn't really have a lot of new words, but he's changed the way he says a lot of words so that they're more clear.  He also repeats a lot of what we say (uh-oh).  He's really in to to making funny sounds, and he loves learning new animal noises.  He loves closing doors, which is great when we accidentally leave a door open to a room that we normally close off.  He's learned the "just one more or four" story trick.  He's completely obsessed with cars and being in the garage.  More than once I've gotten in my car...

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Word summary

Bethany Lynch on July 5, 2009

It's so funny to look back and see all of the words Kai spoke at one time or another.  Some of these words he doesn't use anymore, some have changed sounds, and some have gotten more pronounced.  Most of the time he still just uses "his" language and has whole conversations with himself and anyone else who will listen.  He's also learned how to turn the volume up and down of his voice.  Lovely.  His favorite words are still ma-Ma (I want someone/something) and Albur (name whichever dog is currently his favorite). Sign languageAll doneMoreMilkThank youYes July 5Sev-sev (Seven dog)Ni-ni (night night)Wa-wah (water)Mik (Milk)Pzzz (please)Keeeeez (keys)Doe-doe!!...

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PB & J

Bethany Lynch on June 26, 2009

Every kid loves PB&J, right????  Nope!  It all begun early in the week, well, really last weekend.  Michelle, who watches Kai for us during the day, said she tried to fix PB&J for lunch and he kept spitting it out.  This is a kid who has never had a "texture" issue with food in his entire life, only gags because he puts more in his mouth than an adult does, and loves making a mess.  The funny thing is that he had PB&J this past weekend, but we were at Panera.  He was VERY distracted and in that buzzed, hyper state right before crashing for a...

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Nothing sweeter...

Bethany Lynch on June 16, 2009

There is nothing sweeter than a baby singing!  Ok, well, he's not a baby anymore, but I love listening to him make up sounds and words.  I love watching him dance too.  It's OBVIOUSLY something Lee and I can't teach him and have never even tried but yet there he was Sunday morning when we walked in to church and the praise band was practicing....swaying to the music, then bouncing up and down a little, then saying "ahhhhh, ahhhhh, ahhhh."  Last night I had some instrumental music on in the car.  He was swaying back and forth in his car seat...

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Bethany Lynch on June 11, 2009

There is just no other way to put it...Kai is a MONSTER.  No I haven't decided this after reading too many Twilight books (although???!).  It only takes about 5 seconds to realize that he is...well, crazy!  I walk in the door and he comes flying at me with his arms waving wildly, then stops inches short of me, turns around, and runs circles before finding something else to distract him.  I think one of the reasons he isn't excited to go swimming at the pool is because he feels too restricted in the water.  He wants to walk around outside...

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Toddler conversation

Bethany Lynch on June 11, 2009

 Overheard from a friend getting ready to take her 3 year old son to a playdate... "Son, what do we do if someone is playing with the toy you want?" "We ask nicely for it, mommy!" "What if they still won't give it to you?" "I say, PLLLLLEEEEEASSSSEEEE!" "What if they still won't give it to you?" "Then I grab it from their hands!!"

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Toddler Creed

Bethany Lynch on June 6, 2009

Toddler's Creed posted by H. Dan Smith, EdD, MFT The "Toddler's Creed" appeared in the syndicated weekly newspaper article "Families Today" by T. Berry Brazelton. If I want it, it's mine. If I give it to you and change my mind later, it's mine. If I can take it away from you, it's mine. If I had it a little while ago, it's mine. If it's mine, it will never belong to anybody else, no matter what. If we are building something together, all the pieces are mine. If it looks just like mine, it is mine.

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Note to self...

Bethany Lynch on June 6, 2009

Note to self...do not leave a swim diaper on child if you don't plan on going swimming!!  They are non-absorbant for a reason, and not a good combination with activities other than swimming.  I never seen so much "wetness" and never realized just quite how absorbant Pampers are :O 

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Words cont'd

Bethany Lynch on June 5, 2009

Bal-ball (the big red balls sitting outside of Target)Doe-dog (not just dog anymore)Whooooa, whhhhhoooaAuuuuwwww, awwwww, awwww (singing with daddy, daddy was singing in the shower) Potty update:  he now carries the potty seat to the big potty as soon as we walk in to the bathroom.  We've found him sitting on his little potty reading several times.  No "potty" news yet, but he's so cute!

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Potty chat

Bethany Lynch on May 31, 2009

Ok, so you may think I'm crazy, and I assure you I am!  I decided to go ahead and get Kai a potty.  I really had no intention of even trying to start potty training until he was def over 2 and maybe closer to 2 1/2.  Really I was hoping he might be in daycare by then and they could train him.  Well, the sweet girl that watches him for us asked several times about training him.  I finally caved when she told me he came up to her with one wipe in his hand (usually he's caught pulling...

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Even more words

Bethany Lynch on May 31, 2009

Alberrrr (Albert)Isetie (Einstein)Sev (Seven)ah done (all done)Ah-mehn (Amen) Phrases that Kai knows what they mean:"I'm going to get you" means RUN!"Come here" means RUN!"No" means I'll think about it"Ma-ma" means I need something"Dance" means bounce up and down and say "ohhhh, ohhh, ohhh""Night-night" means say bye-bye"Switch hands" means I can keep my toy just switch hands"Not yours" means sit down and kick because I can't have my toy

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Quite a trip

Bethany Lynch on May 25, 2009

We just got back from a trip up to Ohio for Bethany's step-family's reunion.  Three of us were pregnant with boys, due within a week of each other, and delivered within 9 days of each other so all three boys finally got to meet each other and play.  It was a blast (mostly).  We will never forget it!!  We.... Let Kai sleep in the bed with us for the very first time (he was the only one that got any sleep) thanks to the hotel being 1.5 hours late with the crib, almost missed our flight to Detroit ("last call...

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Definitely a boy...

Bethany Lynch on May 20, 2009

So Kai is definitely on his way to mischievious boyhood (already in the midst of toddlerhood....the terrible 2's TOO early).  He is really into buzzing/kissing my belly, not really sure which one he's doing.  It started when we taught him where his belly button is.  He quickly became enamored when he realized mommy and daddy and other people have belly buttons.  It's really cute when he tries to say belly button.  It sounds more like "be-bu." He loves pulling my shirt up to see my belly button and then buzzes it.  We knew it would be an issue at church, the grocery store, etc., but...

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More words

Bethany Lynch on April 30, 2009

Some new, some not... UpSitMoreYes!Dog 

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Bethany Lynch on April 24, 2009

So far, we've got... ma-mada-daight (light)uh-uh-ooohhbooheo (hello)ahh duhn (all done)bel (belly button)duck!quackdau (dog)ooooooooohh (oh!)buh-bye And, then a string of syllables that always sound the same.  He most definitely has lengthy conversations, and he knows exactly what he is saying.  He says many of the same things over and over and over...we just haven't figured out what they mean yet.

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Garbage woman

Bethany Lynch on April 23, 2009

You know when you around something with a stench, and afterwards you just can't seem to can the stench out of your nose??  Well, the whole way to work I was certain I smelled like garbage...yup, garbage.  YUCK! We inadvertently learned the Kai has learned to put things in the garbage can...only he puts things in there that are not garbage.  Well, it all started this weekend when he tried to throw his socks away.  Cute, huh?  Maybe he thought they really were garbage, right, Lee?!  Then we had to replace our DVD player, and he started throwing away the...

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Blue man

Bethany Lynch on April 22, 2009

Nope, not talking about the blue man group.  I wish!!  I'm talking about Kai getting mad...and turning blue.  So apparently there is a family history for this (thank you to Aunt Teresa and Kai's very own Daddy [can't say he gets all his stubbornness from me, Lee]).  For awhile, Kai has had breath-holding episodes.  Too many to count.  He turns a blue and gray, hold his breath, and then starts screaming.  A few months ago, I was home with him for two days during the week.  Both days he held his breath and got so dizzy that he fell over before he started crying, passed...

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Little man

Bethany Lynch on April 8, 2009

Kai officially looks like a little man!  I finally broke down and got his haircut.  We made it to 15 months with only a trim of the bangs (do guys have bangs??).  I'm torn...I loved his wispy little curls in back, but I love how grown up he looks.  He is officially a little man.  He doesn't have many onesies that fit anymore, but I put him in a longsleeve onesie today.  I've already forgotten to button it back up at the bottom three times.  I'm so used to him wearing his big boy shirts (maybe it has a little to do with mommy brain on top of...

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First wobbly steps

Bethany Lynch on March 26, 2009

Sorry I don't have a great pictures to prove it, but Kai took his first steps for us Tuesday night.  I think he only took two steps before leaning so far towards me, wanting me to pick him up, that I thought he might fall over if I didn't pick him up.  He took several steps towards Lee when he walked in the door, too.  I think Lee made an even bigger deal than I did.  In the words of my co-worker, "when they start walking, you better knock them down or else it's all over!"  I know we're in a...

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The best intentions

Bethany Lynch on March 15, 2009

This was my first weekend, let alone a single night, away from Kai.  I had to work this weekend, and Lee really wanted to go to a frisbee tournament, which just happened to be near a set of grandparents.  I was actually pretty ok with it.  I was going to get home mid-afternoon both days and CLEAN, sweep and mop, start turning the office into Kai's new bedroom, finish ALL of the laundry, finish Kai's scrapbook, organize his pictures into albums, vacuum, upload pictures here for the webiste, and maybe watch a chic flick or two... Well, Friday night I did get Kai's new closet mostly cleaned out,...

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Bethany Lynch on March 3, 2009

Four pregnancy tests later...the word is out...Kai is going to be a big brother.  What have we done??  :)  Lee was much more excited and laid back this time!!  He couldn't understand why I would suggest that we wait a while to tell anyone.  He was ready to tell everyone that second.  Hopefully you didn't find out by his wonderful facebook status :0  I don't see my OB until later this month (I've never understand why OBs don't want you to rush right in to their office and check you all over and jump up and down with you), but...

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Lemon peel and all

Bethany Lynch on February 15, 2009

My son will eat ANYTHING!  Please, please, please don't think I am complaining.  I never ever thought we'd be so lucky.  Everyone we meet always asks if he's like that...so happy and all.  Yup!  Unless you tell him no or close the refrigerator door in his face before he can climb inside.  Anyway, back to the food...Lee doesn't understand why I am so surprised.  "He's a LYNCH boy.  He's supposed to eat like that."  The only time Kai doesn't eat well is if he's sick with a high fever or teething.  The rest of the time he has pretty much...

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The world according to Kai

Bethany Lynch on February 14, 2009

I don't have any particularly hilarious stories or amazing advances, but life is great!  Kai is often in a "mood."  Some days it's a funny mood, others it is a very sweet mood, others it is sassy, and others it is silly.  His new obsession is climbing on the couch.  He can almost climb on by himself...he can if he really, really tries.  However, he has decided that climbing down headfirst is the way to go.  He tried climbing down backwards and actually did really well, but he thinks headfirst is quicker.  He also loves to get up, get down,...

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Bethany Lynch on January 18, 2009

 It's hard to believe that this year Kai will start walking, start talking, and become more and more curious every day.  It's exhausting!!  This boy mounts increasing energy daily.  I love it!  It means bigger smiles, louder laughs, brighter eyes. This month has absolutely raced by.  We celebrated a wonderful first Christmas with Kai and then turned around and had a huge birthday party.  He has enough toys for life.  I still can't believe he's one.  He already seems different...older...less dependent on his mommy (ok, he's never been a huge mommy's boy).  It's so neat to see him make new connections. ...

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Pretty in purple

Bethany Lynch on December 23, 2008

 I think I've only had one maybe two at the most people ask me if Kai is a boy or girl.  He's hardly ever been mistaken for a little girl.  People do tend to say that he looks more like me, but he's always looked like a boy.  A few days ago, he was over at a playmates house.  It was the only day that I haven't sent an extra pair of clothes with him.  It was the only day that he pooped all over his clothes.  Well, he got put in Ava's clothes.  Why he didn't get put in...

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Still a daddy's boy

Bethany Lynch on December 21, 2008

I think I could write the same post each week.  From the moment Kai was born he has calmed down at the sound of Lee's voice.  He usually goes right to sleep when Lee puts him to bed.  He consistently cries when Lee puts him down or leaves.  He does this sometimes with me, but he has definitely gone through separation anxiety with Lee.  He and Lee have an all boys weekend once a month when I work, and I think they both extremely look forward to it.  I was yet reminded again of how much he is a daddy's boy.  I got home from work...

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Bethany Lynch on December 13, 2008

There is such a fine line between independence and needing someone to depend on.  I so want my child to be his own person and with his own personality.  There's also a small part of me that wants him to cry when I leave him and walk out the door.  I've been thinking a lot about nature vs. nuture this week, and I'm determined to teach my child to be "Kai."  Whether I want him to be independent may even be a mute point.  I guess this is where the nature part comes in.  Honestly, I think he was born with an independent personality.  For the most part,...

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Happy Turkey Day

Bethany Lynch on November 27, 2008

I've been trying to think about interesting or funny things to write about.  It's just hard to know if others have the same sense of humor :)  I guess I could write about Kai stuffing a whole dinner roll in his mouth (no lie, don't call DFCS), or squeezing the bottle of liquid dish soap all over the floor while his parents had their backs turned, or eating his dad's breakfast while dad walked out of the room (what is it with this kid's parents not watching him??), or me drilling THROUGH the kitchen cabinet door to install a fancy...

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Santa Claus blues

Bethany Lynch on November 23, 2008

Well, I talked Lee into getting pictures made of Kai and Santa Claus.  Much thanks to Lee for humoring me.  I was so excited and couldn't wait to see all of the cute pictures that would be taken.  Kai was perfectly fine...up until I put him on Santa Claus' knee.  Then the tears broke loose!  I think Santa was worried about dropping him becuase Kai was trying so hard to squirm away.  It doesn't help that Kai has turned into a mega Daddy's boy and couldn't get to his daddy.  In a short matter of minutes, probably seconds, we realized...

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Boys boys boys

Bethany Lynch on November 16, 2008

God may very well see fit to give us a daughter one day.  However, I must say that another girl in this house would just totally through everything off balance.  Of course, I thought a son would do the same...and it very well might.  Everyday I'm reminded of how male-driven my house is.  Remote controls everywhere (yes, Kai has his own), burping, spitting, temper-tantrums...all the stuff guys are made of.  I think what makes Kai fit in the most is how dedicated Lee is to him and how awestruck Kai is of his daddy.  Those two are inseparable, and I've...

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Slobbery ice cream

Bethany Lynch on November 12, 2008

I have to say that I am so stinking proud of my husband.  He did something last night that still leaves me speechless and tells me just how much he loves Kai.  It all began when Lee and I decided to break out a pre-dinner snack of ice cream cones.  Up until now Kai hasn't really showed a whole lot of interest in what we're eating.  Occasionally he'll eat something just because we're eating it, but he's just not a big eater (yet!).  Well, last night, he had total interest in what we were eating, and what could be cuter than...

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Bath time drama

Bethany Lynch on November 6, 2008

Thanks to my dear brother and sister-in-law, bath time has become somewhat of a battle.  The problem is a good one to have, but it still comes with plenty of drama...Kai loves baths.  I know he's not the first kid to scream when bath time is over, but it makes me laugh every time.  Well, laugh after he stops screaming.  Tonight, he had his first meltdown because I made him stop playing so that I could rinse all the shampoo out of his hair.  He thought it was pure torture.  The second meltdown came as soon as I started to...

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Kai's stats

Bethany Lynch on October 25, 2008

Everyone is always interested in what Kai's doing and what the latest is...so I thought I'd write some general updates.  Most recently he has started pulling up on the furniture, toys, or whatever else he can find.  He stays with another little girl during the week who is 3 months older, and he's decided if she can do so can he.  He also mastered the sippy cup yesterday!!  I've tried for weeks to find the right brand that he will do more than chew on.  In one day, he got the hang of it (for now) after going back to...

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Life with boys

Bethany Lynch on October 15, 2008

I always thought I wanted a daughter, but God knew me better than I knew myself...much to Lee's delight.  I can't imagine life without a silly boy named Kai, or three dogs that live life on the edge.  Honestly, I think that if we had had a daughter, I would be even more stressed out than I am now.  I don't think I could handle the extra drama.  I bring enough drama to this household.  I never thought I'd have so much fun shopping on eBay for blue-colored dinosaur pajamas or looking for the right little boy toys (loud, perfect for...

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It happened...

Bethany Lynch on October 10, 2008

Well, we knew the time would come, but I wasn't expecting it at 9 months.  Kai climbed (fell??) out of his crib.  He had only pulled himself up to standing once or twice.  We usually find him sitting up at the end of his naps or first thing in the morning, but never standing.  Well, the girl that was watching him heard him wake up in the middle of his nap last Friday.  Then he got quiet again.  Then she heard some funny sounds, like he was playing with toys.  He was!!!  She never heard a thud, never heard a cry!  Wouldn't you...

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Enjoy the moment

Bethany Lynch on September 29, 2008

 If you have a few minutes, check out this post below.  It is from a friend of mine that posts daily about the principles of the Babywise series.  This post happens to be about making the most of your circumstances and being truly happy.  It was such a good reminder that I thought I'd post a link to it here.http://babywisemom.blogspot.com/2008/09/enjoy-moment.html

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It's begun!

Bethany Lynch on September 29, 2008

Well, Sundays are always hard because Kai misses most of his first nap so we can get to church.  By Sunday evening, he's usual a bit on the cranky side.  So yesterday evening we thought we'd put him down for a little catnap, even though he usually doesn't take one anymore.  After about 10 minutes of sobbing, he made it very clear that he was heartbroken over our actions and wanted no part of it.  I decided to go rescue him only to find him STANDING up in his crib.  All I could think of was, we're in trouble.  This...

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Pure silliness

Bethany Lynch on September 16, 2008

I know that I probably start many posts by talking about how something amazes me, but these little guys are just so incredible.  Kai's latest thing that amazes me is his ability to be silly.  You're probably not surprised, knowing his parents, but it really makes me laugh.  Sure, his daddy is probably the silliest of all, but Kai has learned how to be silly in his own way.  If you've seen the pictures from this last week, you see what I mean.  I had a whole picture session with him acting like a goof.   The thing that gets to me the most is...

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New girlfriend

Bethany Lynch on September 4, 2008

I still get lost in the fact that babies are wonderful!!  God makes them so amazing.  Today Kai and I were walking out of an office, and an elderly lady was waiting with a nurse for someone to pick her up.  The nurse quickly got excited and told the elderly woman that she was about to have her day made because she was going to see a baby.  The woman got very excited.  Needless to say, we stopped to visit for a moment.  Kai didn't disappoint.  He hammed it up very nicely and was all smiles.  She touched his toes...

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Broken Voices

Bethany Lynch on August 22, 2008

From the devotional "God Calling"... Behold, I make all things new. It is only the earthbound spirit that cannot soar. Every blessing I send you, every joy, every freedom achieved from poverty and worry will loosen a strand that ties you to earth. It is only those strands that bind you. Therefore your freedom will mean your rising into the realm of Joy and Appreciation. Clipped wings can grow again. Broken voices regain a strength and beauty unknown before. Your power to help other lives will soon bring its delight, even when, at first, the help to yourselves may seem...

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Wedding china go boom

Bethany Lynch on August 19, 2008

Another action packed weekend!  Kai is getting faster and faster at "crawling" (scooting), and his first tooth has finally broken the surface.  He got to show off at Lee's family reunion this past weekend.  Lee's great-uncle turned 90, and we had a great time celebrating.  Kai and his cousin (3 weeks apart) got to size each other up, and we're taking bets on who's going to win the first fight...Izzy the big sister or the two Lynch boys. While we were gone, we got a phone call from the dog sitter.  Our china was laying, in pieces, all over the...

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New growth chart addition

Bethany Lynch on August 12, 2008

 See my new numbers!!  I'm crawling and getting my 1st tooth.

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On the move!

Bethany Lynch on August 4, 2008 Comments (3)

Kai is crawling!!  He started a couple of nights ago.  I almost thought I imagined it.  Of course, it was only a couple of inches.  Each day he's started going further and further.  Well, don't get your hopes up too high. This is coming from first-time parents.  It's more like he's dragging himself across the room.  He's got the arms down, but he just kicks his feet the whole time.  It's pretty amusing. Lee's been waiting for this for awhile.  He was SO proud to finally witness it.  Me?  I'm dreading the fact that he's now more mobile.  No more...

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Drool everywhere

Bethany Lynch on August 2, 2008

  I've heard of cell phones being ruined by baby slobber...I wish I could blame this one on Kai. Not so. I did this all by myself and laid my phone down next to a cooler that leaked. I found my phone in a puddle of water. Kai and I got to go cell phone shopping. I had way too much fun picking out a new phone, and Kai had a blast grabbing all the phones off the racks and watching them bounce back. He was pretty excited when I gave him my old phone to hold on to since...

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Bethany Lynch on August 2, 2008

I'm at work.  Lee is gone all weekend.  Kai is being watched by a new baby-sitter, and I'm coming down with a cold.  I'm pretty bone-tired.  All I can think about, though, is how blessed we are.  The past 7 months have been a blur, as much as I've tried to slow them down.  We have been blessed by one of the most laid-back, easy-going babies I've met.  We've been able to provide everything he's needed and much more.  Not easy with the cost of diapers!!  I read recently that you can tell a baby's disposition within the first few days of life.  We...

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Love my boys

Bethany Lynch on July 12, 2008

I know I've said before I would love to have two little boys some day.  Crazy enough, it's still true.  My house is a wreck.  I could spend all day picking up Lee's shirts, sweeping up dog hair, and washing bibs (but I don't!).  I love that there is little drama, except what I add to the mix.  I love that I don't have to look girly and nobody cares.  I love getting to buy little girl things for my friends.  Who cares if Kai wears a green shirt and blue shorts that don't match and his hair is all...

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Hungry boys

Bethany Lynch on July 7, 2008

Well, I've been putting off this post for a week.  Last week I was forced into a special elite class of parents...those who have been spit up on in awful ways.  I can't complain...Lee was actually the first.  I had pity on him and never took a picture, but he had it dripping from his eyebrows.  When it was my turn, I yelled for a towel.  Lee came running with the camera.  We are both NOW parents! Kai is doing so much better with eating babyfood.  He actually opens his mouth for more.  Sounds so simple, but so much better...

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Almost 6 months old !!!

Bethany Lynch on June 28, 2008

Can you believe that Kai is just about 6 months old?!  He has changed more than I have even realized in the past few months.  It won't be long before he's crawling and trying to stand up.  Wow. Just wanted to let everyone know that we're doing well.  Kai got a new jumperoo last weekend and has been wearing those springs out.  Loves it!  Works great right before naptime.  When he's ready for a nap he just puts his thumb in his mouth and lays his head down.  It's the cutest thing. He loves oatmeal cereal with bananas so we're getting...

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Twinkle, twinkle little star

Bethany Lynch on June 18, 2008 Comments (30)

 Kai is almost six months old!  For almost six months we've worked on naps and sleep.  Word around the daycare is probably that I'm the nap nazi.  He's the most well-rest one there, though!  He even has a little bedtime routine...wash his face and hands (which he LOVES--yeah!!), read a story, sing a song, and straight to sleep (yeah right).  Most nights it works like a charm.  Lee and I each have our own special song that we sing.  Mine isn't so original, but I've sung twinkle, twinkle little star to him since he was born.  I've come to the...

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Daddy's boy

Bethany Lynch on June 10, 2008 Comments (46)

 Everyone has always joked about what a daddy's boy Kai is, but never have I witnessed it in full force until the past few days.  I worked this weekend, and it went off without a hitch for the two boys.  Everything ran pretty much right on schedule.  Well, the problem came when it was my turn.  I had Monday and Tuesday off after working the weekend.  I don't think there's been a single nap where he hasn't cried off/on.  Twice, Kai and I both cried through feedings.  I even called Lee and made him listen to the screaming (Kai's).  Feeding...

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Bethany Lynch on June 1, 2008

 I am just so amazed at the firsts and how quickly babies learn.  There are many things that we practice, but there is just so much that we don't teach Kai... He's been rolling over from back to tummy, but I just found him asleep on his tummy for the first time when I check on him during a nap yesterday.  No crying, no fussing, just sound asleep.  He's slept on his back or side since day 1. He can fully stand up in his exersaucer on his fat feet and knows how to use each toy.  Very interested in...

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Shots...no sweat!

Bethany Lynch on May 31, 2008

 Well, Kai went to get his 4 month shots at 5 months since he had a raging ear infection and fever at his first visit.  Since we've both taken some time off work while Kai was sick, Lee volunteered to take Daddy duty and get Kai from daycare, drive 30 min back to the pediatrician, take Kai back to daycare, and drive 30 min. back to work.  Since his pediatrician's office is just across the street from my hospital, I ran over on my lunch break.  Just in time to learn, he has the same old ear infection or a newer...

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Great weekend minus the A, B, C or all of the above

Bethany Lynch on May 26, 2008

 So I should be washing baby bottles and putting new sheets on the bed, but this is way more fun.  Not just any clean sheets, but the ones that Kai threw up on this morning.  The sheets that Daddy was laying on when Kai threw up on.  The sheets that Daddy was laying on right by Kai and caught the spit up on his face!  Whew...what I wouldn't have given a camera for. Well, the most exciting thing for us right now is troubleshooting.  The past few nights Kai has been crying, pretty much screaming, shortly after beditme.  Is it...

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Funny story

Bethany Lynch on May 23, 2008

This happened a couple of weeks ago, but I still get a kick out of it.  I got the dreaded phone call from the daycare..."Kai is FINE, BUT he hit his head."  The director proceeded to tell me that he was trying to pull himself up, slipped, and bumped his head.  He had a nice goose egg so she didn't want me to be surprised when I picked him up that afternoon.  He seemed to be ok, and they had an ice pack on it.  She said he kept trying to put the ice pack in his mouth, on his gums (sounds like him!). ...

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Best mother's day ever!

Bethany Lynch on May 14, 2008

 So, I've been sick all week.  I had to work on Mother's Day, and Kai's temperature spiked to 101.6 Saturday night.  Honestly, it was still the best Mother's Day ever.  Yes, I got a gift last year when I was pregant but not quite the same.  I had a new Starbucks mug that I've been dropping heavy hints about waiting for me when I got up early for work that morning, with a sweet little gift certificate from Kai.  I'm glad the boy is already listening. Ironically, I even got a nice visit from Kai and Lee while I was at...

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New today

Bethany Lynch on April 30, 2008 Comments (70)

It still amazes me how babies can learn something totally new in a matter of  24 hours.  Kai has started sucking his thumb!  I know--it's a harder habit to break than a pacifier, but it's precious.  He shoves it in his mouth like he's done it forever, but ever since he was born, he's always clenched his thumb tight in his fist. He's always loved putting his hands in his mouth and recently gotten very good at shoving several fingers in.  Everyone that sees him is convinced he's teething.  I can still hear him just sucking away!

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Growing up

Bethany Lynch on April 18, 2008

I made a promise to myself that as much as I might want to I would try not to say, "I can't wait until..."  I want to value every second of this little boy's life.  Yeah, it got pretty hard not to say it when he went weeks waking up for a few minutes in the middle of the night, and I was stuck awake for the next 2 hours.  He's growing so fast, and I already miss how tiny he was.  He is now at the pre-teething stage.  He bites on his fingers, daddy's fingers, mommy's fingers, mommy's shirt,...

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Happy Easter!

Bethany Lynch on April 17, 2008 Comments (32)

I know this is a very late post!  I just realized that I hadn't updated everyone on Kai's first Easter.  Take a look at this Easter basket.  I don't think I ever got this much for Easter, probably all combined.  He got books, clothes, toys, candy, stuff animals!!  He even got Peeps (mommy's favorite, especially stale and chewy).  I think he's really going to like all of his stuffed animals.  He has bears, bunnies, puppies, frogs, and now a big chick (DUCK...not girlfriend...no, no girlfriends!).  We have to watch our dogs closely around the stuff arounds.  They've already mouthed on...

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Laughter is the best medicine

Bethany Lynch on March 30, 2008

Friday afternoon I had the joy of picking Kai up from daycare.  He had a pretty good day, which made mama feel a little better about things.  As soon as we got to the car, I snapped his car seat in and kissed his hand that he was waving in front of me.  He laughed!!  I kissed it again...another short little laugh.  This is a new development, so we stood there in the parking lot of the daycare at "rush hour" playing our little game. It got even better that night.  His daddy scooped him up as soon as he walked in the...

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Bethany Lynch on March 28, 2008

 I had the best intentions to write much more regularly, but life has been busy!  We are still very much enjoying being parents, especially to such a wonderful little boy.  He has been a very "easy" baby, and it still amazes us how laid back Kai is. I have just started back to work, and it really isn't as bad as I thought!  I do miss him terribly, but with much support and encouragment and prayers from Lee and others, I make it through the day.  The worst part his been giving up control to the daycare.  He's in a...

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The results are in...

Bethany Lynch on March 14, 2008

 Kai finally had his 2 month check-up.  His appt. was bumped last week, only to find out they should have called weeks ago to reschedule.  Being the great mom that I am, full of concern, I was worried he had only gained 1 ounce since last week (I made them weigh him after showing up anyway for our "cancelled" appt).  His doctor assured me that he is perfectly healthy and normal (assured me of that several times throughout the visit after 203 questions), and reminded me that clothes and a very wet diaper weigh several ounces.  This week he was...

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Trip to Grandpa's

Bethany Lynch on March 3, 2008

March 3rd, 2008  Kai and I just returned last night from his first road trip.  We went to visit my dad and step-mom, and my step-sister also decided to brave the trip from Jacksonville with Kai's two cousins.  Aubrey is 2 1/2 years old, going on 16, and Owen is 3 days older than Kai.  Grandma and grandpa loved every second of it, except figuring out how to divide their time.  Kai and Owen looked great together!  Owen definitely has the hair and muscle (baby fat), and Kai has the length and inches.  I think Kai was thinking about giving...

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The magic touch

Bethany Lynch on February 27, 2008

February 25, 2008 I'm afraid my little boy is turning into a daddy's boy. Sure, I still get lots of smiles during the day, but he and Lee definitely have a special bond. It was most obvious this weekend when we went to sleep very easily every time but once when Lee would lay him down. You would think after 7 weeks that I'd be a pro. I was even beggin Lee for advice. "I just sing to him and lay him right down," he said. That's what I do! He just gave me a sympathetic smile and shrugged his...

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Such is life...and lack of sleep

Bethany Lynch on February 27, 2008

February 21, 2008 I had a church meeting last night so Lee gave up his frisbee night to stay home with Kai (honestly!!). I just knew that Kai would be fussy the whole time or probably have to end up in his swing. On the contrary, when I got home the house was quiet, and his swing was empty. Apparently, Kai sucked down most of his bottle and went straight to bed. Lee was relaxing in front of the tv the whole time! I knew that didn't bode well for the rest of the evening, especially since he had slept...

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Message board lingo

Bethany Lynch on February 27, 2008

February 20, 2008 In my haste to make sure I'm on the "right" track, I've found several message boards that have been very helpful. Guess what?? Other moms have the same issues! It's funny there are so many parenting books out there. Then there's another parenting book against every other parenting book. What has helped me the most is experience and hearing about other's experiences. Earth shattering, huh?! J ust when message board lingo is becoming more common, now there is a whole other language of "mommy lingo." See what I mean... DH = dear/darling husband DD/DS = dear/darling daughter/son...

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Confessions of a First-time Mom

Bethany Lynch on February 27, 2008

February 12, 2008 I remember thinking while I was pregnant, "I won't be THAT mom!" I won't call the pediatrician and beg her to assure me that my baby is getting enough nutrition. I won't pin my OB in a corner and ask relentless questions about breastfeeding. I won't take all of the parenting books verbatim. I won't compare my baby to every other baby, and I won't second guess everything I do! Now, granted I don't have my pediatrician's home phone number yet, but it surprised me by just how much time and effort I found to put into...

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Life is Good

Bethany Lynch on February 27, 2008

February 10, 2008 I think I'm going to design a t-shirt for the Life is Good logo that says "4 hours sleep...Life is Good." Actually, I meant to write this a few days--back when I got 4 hours of sleep in a row. I think we hit the 6 week growth spurt right on the dot this weekend because I was up every 2 1/2 hours last night feeding the growing boy. He's cried through several of his naps and then can't sleep because he's so overtired only to fall asleep while he eats. Gotta love the viscious cycle. I...

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Sweet dreams, little one

Bethany Lynch on February 27, 2008

February 01, 2008 One of my very favorite things to do is listen to Kai sleep (for more than obvious reasons)! He makes the cutest "huh..huh..huh...huhhhhh" when he first starts dreaming, and it eventually turns into a very soft "hhh..hhh..hhh." Sometimes he opens his eyes, looks right at you, "smiles" and then goes right back to dreaming. Yes, I know it's still just a reflex, but I am in absolute denial. He used to always start dreaming right away, almost as soon as I laid him down. I thought I had the world's best sleeper. Now, he has realized that...

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Happy Birthday, baby!

Bethany Lynch on February 27, 2008

January 30, 2008 Today, Kai is 1 month old!! I absolutely cannot believe that we've had him for that long. It seems like we came home from the hospital just last week. Then I remember all of the sleepless nights, all of the countless emails and phone calls to other moms, all of the visits to the pediatrician, all of the conversations about whether to let him cry or whether he really has gas or is hungry AGAIN, all of the hours of reading about whether he's sleeping too much or awake too long, and ALL of the diapers. I...

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Rest of the story...

Bethany Lynch on February 27, 2008

January 23, 2008 After Kai was born, he had to be checked for an infection, too. He didn't have the same signs that I did, but he did have one suspicious marker on his blood count...so he bought himself 48 hours of antibiotics. The next afternoon we were supposed to head home, but they wanted to check his bilirubin level first. It came back high, so he had to lay under phototherapy lights to help his liver break down the bilirubin. That night his level was even higher so he had to have IV fluids given to help flush out...

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Big boy!

Bethany Lynch on February 27, 2008

January 15, 2008 Kai is now 8 lbs and 1 ounce!! Almost back to birthweight. He gained one more ounce than the doctor had hoped for. We're still stuck feeding every 3 hours minimum around the clock for 2 more weeks, but as long as I wake him up on "his" 3 hour schedule, he does pretty well. We've now soaked through 3 different brands of diapers (4 different "models"), and he had to change outfits 3 times last night. I laughed a couple of months ago when someone told me they had to put little boy hand-me-downs on their...

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Birth story

Bethany Lynch on February 27, 2008

January 14, 2008 Many of you may know...but here is how Kai came into this world... I was scheduled to be induced on December 30 at 8 am--perhaps as a favor from my OB to Lee in lieu of the end of the year tax break. However, I started having regular contractions at midnight. I got up a couple of times to go wait them out in the bathroom. When I didn't come back out after several minutes, Lee knew something was different. I tried to lay back down since they were still 5-7 minutes apart, but then a few...

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Sweet little baby boy

Bethany Lynch on February 27, 2008

January 14, 2008 I know I've already used the word sweet more than enough on this site, but that's the only way I can describe Kai. He fusses only when he's hungry or gassy--usually at 2 am. I tried to change his feeding schedule by one hour, and he would have nothing to do with it. I think we're back on his schedule now, and both mama and baby are getting better at the whole feeding thing--thanks to countless phone calls and emails to all of my friends and family with new babies. Tomorrow will be the big day to...

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One week old!

Bethany Lynch on February 27, 2008

January 07, 2008 I'll go back and retell much of Kai's birth story but just wanted to give everyone an update on how we're doing and add a few more pictures to hold you over. Kai is a wonderful, sweet baby. Our biggest battle is waking him up to eat. I won't go into my breastfeeding woes, but pray for strength and determination and few tears as possible for both me and Kai! Lee is an awesome daddy. He took to it more naturally than anyone could imagine. Even the nurses teased that this is going to be a daddy's...

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Tax Deduction Baby

Bethany Lynch on February 27, 2008

December 28, 2007  It looks like Sunday, December 30th will be Kai's birthday. I was close to 3 cm this morning and almost 90% effaced. My OB doesn't think it will take much to induce me, but unless something happens in the next 48 hours, we show up at the hospital at 8am Sunday. Lee should have plenty of time to have his last minute tax deduction and still be able to watch the Clemson game. Life is good!!

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Closer to close

Bethany Lynch on February 27, 2008

December 19, 2007 Not much change from last week's appointment, but it looks like the voters for Christmas and Kai's due date will have to duke it out. Lee is counting his blessings that I have an OB who is willing to induce earlier than January 1st. She doesn't think I'll make it that long, but the plan is to induce on December 30th. Lee keeps calling and asking me if I've had the kid yet...

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Hope for the weary

Bethany Lynch on February 27, 2008

December 12, 2007  I'm close to 2 cm dilated and 80% effaced...could be days or, unfortunately, a couple more weeks. Sorry, not much help for those of you in the polls. Of course, I'm still praying daily that it's tomorrow! Until then I get to look forward to irregularly irregular contractions.

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Still pregnant...

Bethany Lynch on February 27, 2008

December 05, 2007  I had my OB appt. earlier this afternoon, still only 1 cm dilated but looks like things might be starting to change. I had some bloodwork done just in case I go into labor--that way I can get my epidural earlier. No one believes me that I have 3 more weeks. Lee had a dream that he had to get ready to take a test tomorrow and that I went into labor. You know about woman's intuition but what about man's? We're going to be ready just in case. My next appt. is in 1 week. We'll...

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34 6/7 weeks

Bethany Lynch on February 27, 2008

November 21, 2007  We found out that I am 1 cm dilated today! My next appointment is in 2 weeks, unless I need to be seen earlier. It could mean an early December baby. Either way Lee says it's going to be here by the 31st. I'm having more and more Braxton-Hicks contractions, and I can feel them instead of just seeing them.

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